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Hello all you wonderful crochet fanatics!
..... And welcome to the SECOND edition of our crochet newsletter, where we will always feature an informative editorial, book reviews for 2 or 3 of the latest and greatest crochet books in the marketplace, and other pertinent happenings in the crochet industry; plus a periodic list of SALE merchandise and NEW arrivals in our  Crochet Shoppe.
     We have decided to create a condensed version of the newsletter (below) for our new website visitors, and write all complete articles pertaining to crochet and the crochet industry in our BLOG www.CelebrateCrochet.blogspot.com.  We extend a very warm invitation for you to "click on" our BLOG and interact by leaving comments or questions at your leisure.  We would truly love to hear from you, especially if you have comments about any of the cottons or cotton blends that are mentioned in this edition's feature article OR the Paper Raffia featured in our First Edition.
                                                  SECOND EDITION  Newsletter- 2009
                EDITORIAL: "Crochet with cotton", by M.E. Nolfi -
     The current editorial gives a rather informative explanation, along with a colorful and comprehensive list of the cottons and cotton blends that are readily available in the yarn/fiber marketplace.  As a crochet designer myself, I have been quite partial to many of the wonderful cotton fibers that I have found online, in yarn shops, in the larger chain stores, and after visiting the yarn vendors at TNNA and CHA tradeshows. 
         Please click on www.CelebrateCrochet.blogspot.com for a complete selection of all the yummy cottons that are represented by quite a few (large and small) yarn industry leaders (i.e.- Bernat, Berroco, Brown Sheep Yarn Co, Lion Brand, New York Yarns, Paton's, Plymouth Yarn, Universal Yarn, Coats and Clark, etc.)
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       Book Recommendations (2nd Ed. newsletter):  Each of the following crochet books provides many wonderful learning experiences for any crocheter who wants to progress beyond the basic crochet stitches.
1)  Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs  by Edie Eckman 
2)  Instant Expert Crochet  Edited by Katie Bevan 
3)  Rowan presents Crochet Workshop by Emma Seddon & Sharon Brant 
     (Please click on the BLOG for photos and reviews of these three books along with reviews from our first edition newsletter.) 
                                                    DESIGN TIME:  Dear M.E. . . . .
     Please address all "Dear M.E." questions and comments to our interactive BLOG at www.CelebrateCrochet.blogspot.com. OR email us directly at menolfi@hotmail.com.  
      And . . . . Thanks a million for giving so much thought to "Celebrate Crochet", our wonderful newsletter dedicated to crochet fanatics everywhere.